Can't get google play achievements

A long time ago I used to play the The Blockheads, this year i came back but something was wrong, I couldn’t earn google play achievements I don’t know why but I tried everything and nothing… Pls help me with this

Moved to Android bugs forum.

This forum is really mostly about community support. To report bugs to the Android developer it’s best to contact them directly. You can do that either by pausing the game, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, the scrolling down to support, then using the link to email them, or by contacting them from :slight_smile:

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What version of Android is your device running?

Hi, My android version is 8.0.0

Thx, now i sent the message telling my issue about the game

They may have special world settings set

They should still be able to earn achievements…

No I mean like how Minecraft you can’t get achievements maybe it’s like that on Android for custom settings

It isn’t…

I’m a IOS user so wasn’t sure just making a guess

Ah, okay.

This isn’t like minecraft

Do you have Google Play Games installed?

Yes, the only game I can’t earn achievements is this one