Cant get into old server

i cant get into my old server. when i try to join it says my old username has been taken also all my TC and my portal chest is empty which is a big F

Pm @milla with your ign and current support id and any alts you remember before the problem

Edit: How to pm people


like agentpinkdog said, pm her, what she can do for you if you have the necessary information is merge the two accounts, which will effectively grant you both points of access on your current and former accounts

support id?

Be sure not to share your support ID with anyone else except milla. It’s the weekend, so you may have to wait until Monday to have this resolved.

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how do i dm @mila when i click the @ nothing happens

Spend some time on the forum browsing, and you should get that capability soon. I don’t remember the exact requirements, but make sure you open a few topics, maybe give a few likes.


The exact requirements are listed here.


We’re sorting this out in PMs.