Cant get into world

It’s me again… I got the credit thing sorted out but now every time I try to load up the world, it freezes on the world I fo thing. Same with any server I try to join, it freezes on the rules screen

I think Milla mentioned this in another thread, but try restarting your phone, and make sure other apps aren’t consuming memory. I’m not familiar with how this is done on Android. Final thing is to make sure your connection is good. I have trouble joining servers even on Apple when I don’t have a good connection to the internet. Are you using WiFi?

I’ve tried restarting my phone a few times but still nothing; and this phone has a huge amount of space so it’s not that… any updates or help would be greatly appreciated. My credit is going to waste…

The best place to go for information is Noodlecake. Dave does the Apple version, and they do the Android version. We only really have other Android users here.

Where do I go exactly?

Email support [at] noodlecake [dot] com (change [at] to @ and [dot] to .) and reply to their automated reply, otherwise they’ll assume that the automatic reply solved your problem

@milla if i were using an apple device, what would be your next step/ what would you tell me to do?

We’d have had a conversation about this, and I’d have a lot of information about your Apple device and your account in The Blockheads. I have no idea what I’d suggest, but since this is an Android-specific issue nothing I would say would be relevant.

If there’s still been on response from the support email maybe contact them via their social media channels. FB is a good one:

Yeah I contacted them a week ago and haven’t heard back… I’m pretty upset cause my credit is still going down. I’ll try facebook

Your credit can be restored once the problem is sorted. PM me with your support ID and the name of the world in the meantime, so I can note the credit at this stage.

It should be in the PMS I had sent u… I’ll send them again

I finally just yesterday got a reply from noodlecake Studios… talk about overdue… they basically just asked if I still have the problem, which I said yes to. I guess I just wait and see what they have to say

At least they are doing something finally.

Not much though.

So I got a reply today basically saying to try rotating my device, and if that doesn’t work wait for an update… and it didnt work… so like I’m stuck now?

Basically, they have a bunch of stuff to fix, but they haven’t been able to update. Assuming Google has or will shortly fix their problem, then Noodlecake will be able to fix yours. They’ve been a bit stuck.

Alright then. I guess I wait, right?

That’s the general idea. They’re having to wait, so everyone downstream from them does too.

A response from Noodlecake I got from February:

We are trying our best to get a new update out that will fix a lot of issues with this game, but we are having trouble with Google having a lot of new requirements that are preventing us from updating the game.