Can't get past welcome message after updating my phone

After I updated my android to system version 10 I cant join servers anymore it just crashes I can make single player world but I cant join servers any ideas?


Your best bet is probably to email Noodlecake at support+blockheads [at] If their autoreply doesn’t solve your problem, you need to reply to it to talk to a human.

I have tried to email support but havent heard anything back and what auto reply I’ve never seen an auto reply from them expect the one that asks for more details like play store you use and stuff like that

It should look like this:

It has a few common remedies for problems in it, plus asks for more information. You need to reply to it to get a human response, as Bibliophile says. If you don’t reply they will assume that you tried their suggestions and that fixed the problem :slight_smile:

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The android version of the game is unplayable for me. I’m also on Android 10.

Can everyone experiencing this please post with device details?

I need to dig out my Android tablet.

Yeah I can play on my other 3 devices just not the one I want to play on

By device details I mean make, model, and OS version.

Samsung s10+ os10

Me: looks at title
Hope u find a way too see the epic HTML the community of blockheads has made!!! :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::grin:

I dunno who I am today. I seem to be in a really talkative happy mood. Maybe I should see a doctor.

@milla Any updates?

I won’t be giving updates. Once we get a good sample of people sharing their device details I will email Noodlecake about it with any helpful information my sample shows. After that it’s up to them. So far two people have posted. I only email them if there’s a decent number of people reporting the issue to me.

If you’ve emailed them, they at least have your report.

So basicly I’m not going to be able to play for another year till the next update for the game cool

All you have to tell them is to make the game compatible with software update 10 for androids

You wouldn’t be able to anyway. They’d have a change freeze on, like any developer over the holiday period.

They get all support traffic for Android too. They had an email from you. You wont be the only one reporting it if it’s a problem with Android 10 compatibility. They know more about it than I do. I only email them if I have information that might be useful to the developer.

You should look through #bugs-glitches-android for these complaints.

So I have found away around it, if you click the back button really fast as soon ass the welcome screen pops up if it doesn’t work the first try just keep trying

This is the exact problem I have; but whenever I press the back button fast enough it’s just a black screen. Nothing else. Never loads anything.

Same thing if you press help/credits in single player

Galaxy s10, model number SM-G973W, os 10

I have the same problem too, i have encountered allot of other people who are also running on android 10 who have the same problem. It is most likely because the game will load the welcome message differently on Android 10. And since the game hasn’t been updated since android Pie, this problem will probably continue to happen. From the people i have talked to on it they have no fixes. They will just play on another device that will work with the game smoothly. (Android 9 or under) (Or ios)

There are indeed WebView changes in Android 10: