Can't join one server? ("User name is taken") (different pop-up than usual)


I can’t join one server. It says:

(I have no idea who would want my username… :question:) This is only for one server, all the rest work. It is my only Mac server, so that might be one problem. I also changed my username awhile back, all servers changed to my new username except that one.
Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile: (Also I have no idea which category to put it in, please move it if it is in the wrong one)
EDIT: just noticed that the pic is dark I’ll try to get a new one soon.


Weird what is your username? It must be a glitch, this name problem fixed before because before you can copy the other username. Right.


My old one is TheKnexGuy. My new one is KnexGuy, but this server hasn’t changed my username yet, even though I changed it a few months ago.


Hmm, I hope noodlecake can fix this problem.


Mac servers aren’t connected to your account, so yeah. When you changed user names, it didn’t.

The fix is easy if it’s your server. Just do ‘/reset-owner TheKnexGuy’ (for example). When you hit return, it should say ‘TheKnexGuy will be assigned to the next user who connects’ or something very similar. Then log in with that name on the desired device.


What’s your devices version?


@joe it’s not my server.
@WumboJumbo my bhs version or my phone version??


Your phone.


A /stop may also fix the issue. Seems like what’s happening is you’re somehow logged into the world (or the game thinks you are), so you can’t connect with your device. I’d recommend trying to get someone to /stop the world for you, and if that doesn’t fix it let us know.


@WumboJumbo Nougat 7.something with Linage OS
@ErickMatrix ok I’ll try to get someone to do that.