Can't join private server


I got sent a link to join a private server by my sister, but the link goes automatically to a ‘404 not found’ error and I can’t join it. None of us can figure out what is wrong, somebody knows what it is about?


Give me the link so I can test it out.


No offence, but the world is private for a reason… Unless you have experienced the problem on your own world then I’m sorry, but you can’t help


I think maybe private servers can only be joined by players who have already joined the world while it wasn’t private. Ask her to set it to “searchable” and just turn on a password instead. Then if she switches it back to “private”, you’ll still be able to join. I think. (Haven’t played for 2 years tbh)

Or just use a whitelist.


Thank you, it worked xP


Oh, I see.


Also note: If I recall correctly, join links do not work on Android.