Can't see my items, please help

Hey all, I’m finally back to playing this game after a 4 year break :slight_smile:

I’m using a Pixel 2 XL but…I can’t play the game. This is what happens, I login and notice the screen ratio is a little off. That’s fine. But…when I get in the game, I can’t see my items! If I drag up from the bottom of the screen, I can see that I am removing something and I can drop it. But then my items go away. Same thing for horizontal mode.

Can anyone help? I’m guessing the game isn’t properly sized for 18:9 screens.


Similar problem for @CalebratedGamer, except instead of not seeing the inventory bar at all it was blocked with a black bar. Try reporting it to support at noodlecake dot com. Unfortunately majicDave can’t do anything about it since Noodlecake ported the game and thus are responsible for the code in the Android version of the game.

Welcome back! :smiley:

Moved to #bugs-glitches-android.

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introducing: Hide GUI, only for android. :slight_smile:


@CalebratedGamer Tried emailing Noodlecake and they said to fix the aspect ratio or something like that. He didn’t know what Noodlecake was talking about though. Calebrated Gamer has been having trouble lately!


That’s so crazy. I have a regular Google Pixel 2 and my phone was showing the black menu bar in front of the inventory so I can’t see it either. I’m wondering if it’s more of a Google pixel issue, like maybe with its most recent update, because it worked fine before that one, as far as I can tell.

They told me to fix the aspect ratio but I couldn’t figure out how to go about doing that. Any settings I could find that would do that didn’t fix my issue.

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I’m trying to do more research on how to fix the aspect ratio.

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Wow this is quite interesting. When I tried to play this game on my Pixel XL last year, I had an audio issue. The music and sound effects made a crackling sound. I never checked if it was fixed, I just gave up.

This is discouraging honestly. But maybe we can fix the aspect ratio ourselves somehow.


I noticed the same thing on my Pixel2XL. If I have it in landscape with the power button facing down, I can see the inventory. If it’s inverted or in portrait mode, I cant see things.

Has anyone contacted Android support about this? If a device is currently used enough they might look at a fix for their next update, so it’s worth a try.

I have :slight_smile:

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

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