Can't watch ads

I just still wish you could earn free 20 gems by watching the videos.

You can…

Welcome. Are you on Android or iOS?

Same problem here on Android… for my friend as well

For those on android, I have the same issue and contacted noodlecake. 2 weeks later this is the response

"Unfortunately this is an issue that is caused by the ad mediation service that we were using going out of business, and the fact that we cannot update the game at present due to Google having a lot of new requirements that we are trying to get an exemption for so that we can update it. This issue will likely not be fixed for awhile, but it is on our radar.

Apologies that we can’t much more for the time being. "

That’s why android users cannot watch anymore ads


Considering this bug is prominent on Android, I would like to assume that @Ganjamanja is in fact running Android.

I’m playing The Blockheads for a very long time and I’m still can’t have any time crystals in ads. I don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s just me, because I’ve played Blockheads for years in a iPad and everyday I had at least ten ads to watch and earn time crystals. But I’m now playing in Android… I don’t even know if it’s because the Android or me T^T can someone help me with that?

Once I almost lost my blockhead, cause I didn’t knew that scorpions got dangerous at night and then I cannot help but let my blockhead to die, without any time crystals to set him alive again. But I don’t know why, when I returned to the game, he was teleported to the portal and he was pretty fine with all the items I’ve collected.

Well, I really wanna know why ads didn’t show up… Someone knows why? T^T


It’s because of andriod

Can I do something to “fix” it?

I don’t think so

Ah… Thanks, it was very helpful! But I hope I got some ads to watch y.y

What version of Android are you running?

Here is saying that the version is 9

Pls help… I’m using android and I can’t watch ads to get tcs. I can’t watch since before I started playing the game. Is there a way to fix this?


I think you have an adblocker or a setting in your device that doesn’t allow ads.

This seems to be a common issue among androids. See the quoted post below:

Also, moved to #bugs-glitches-android


I guess the advertisement problem wont be fixed anytime soon?


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I am very privileged to have a few devices to play and how i get my android devices to collect tc is give them the diamond pic to mine TC blocks…

A diamond pickaxe you used TC to make lol

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