Cardboard boxes


I think cardboard boxes should be a new feature in this game I didn’t put this in suggestions as I don’t think it deserved to beling there

They will spawn randomly in the world and you cannot craft them. :wink:

When inside cardboard boxes you are lead to another dimension called the box realm

In the box realm everything you ever owned will turned into boxes.

To escape the boxed realm you need to get a house and ride to the ol’ town road and ride until you physically can’t anymore

Once out of the boxes realm you will find a chest at the portal containing information about how to kill the boss that appear right behind you.

Once you delete the boss you will be reward with a cardboard box which you must destroy within .1 seconds or it will summon you back into the realm to fight a big brother rabbit.

Summed up

This is meant to be a joke, do not move it to suggestions.



(My post must be 5 characterssssss)


Crazy ideia. I like it. But I did not take it literally :slight_smile:


I didn’t either.




Oh my gosh I thought it was a serious idea at first. :lol:

I was like, hmmm… “Box Realm, this could be a new interesting challenge!”
Then I was like…“ok, what if it takes me hours to get out of it?” I might not like that…
Then I was like “What Boss!? There’s a Boss!?”
And then I started to get a feeling that I’ve been had… :lol:


Kind of remind me of good old Sonic special levels. (jump out of normal game for a challenge, and then back in)