Caron's Peace

My world has been whitelisted for now until support can see to it’s rollback. It has reverted back to ‘New’.


Oh no Caron :sleepy:

Have you posted on your world thread as well?

For a second I was really worried I was blacklisted because it said I needed to be whitelisted to join and was really worried I couldn’t go back to my favorite world.
Glad it was only technical complications. Hope everything goes well!

:weary::confounded: Oh no! Not again!!!

Fingers crossed.

DAH! I hope it’s restored ASAP!!

i don’t have a world thread, just a thread for my pixel art & mystery builds…

am still awaiting support assistance.

I am sure it will be back to normal once the majic has been done by Milla.


I am sure @milla is busy as ever catching up with player requests & fixing what went wrong over the holiday period… IF my world is fixed before January 6th, I will be able to set the world to public again (& hope it goes well from there on) as from the 7th till the 19th, I will be away from my computer/owner portal/internet to be able to change the settings from being white listed.

I can only hope that the world will be back to how it was before New Year’s Eve (before the hack by an unsavoury player) soon after I return to help keep it running smoothly. HA! How can any player make their world ‘safe’ from hackers!? except for AFTER the rotten deeds have been done :frowning:

Until my world is restored, Keep on Playing on the other fabulous servers… try out Georgie’s fantastic maze & then go create fantastic pixel art there :smiley:


I think I’ve done this. I can’t remember, as I’ve rolled back and fixed several hung worlds today, but I seem to remember doing this :slight_smile:

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I was able to call in just now :slight_smile: everything looks to be back to normal… Even noticed a few new builds on my look around :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Hats off @Milla for working you magic!!

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Thank you Milla. What would we do without you!?:slight_smile: World set to search for now. I will whitelist it again before I head off on our 14 day trip.


I popped into Caron’s Peace tonight looking for Penguin Ami as I haven’t seen her for a while. Whilst I was there all of the tulips in Penguin’s heart were in flower! It looks amazing against the night sky. I love the way the large heart “drips” smaller hearts into the water fountain.

Please do excuse all my clutter on these screenshots, I don’t have a camera on this world, I must do something about that next time I visit.


@milla, Caron’s Peace has reverted back to beginning…is now whitelisted.

May I request a boot to get it up n running again…thanks.


Awwwwwwwwwwww whyyyy

I give Caron’s Peace all my support and love. There has never been a better pixel art world.

Cause sometimes the servers have the ‘hiccups’… all will be well again soon…[quote=“Laraxd, post:14, topic:49257, full:true”]
I give Caron’s Peace all my support and love. There has never been a better pixel art world.

Thank you Laraxd… The world isn’t dead… Yet.

Long Live Caron’s Peace… A Pixel Art World. :cheerful:


Can you tell me when to roll back to, please Caron?

3rd of June Please.

That should be all good now. Let me know if we need to go back another day :slight_smile:


I think it still needs a further roll back as both devices log into a ‘New’ world… Let’s go for the 30th of May. *fingers crossed.

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That seems to have sorted it.