Carrotstick Unknown

I somehow managed to get a carrot on a stick unknown item, not much to say, not sure how it happened.


at first I thought you said carstick xD

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I could’ve sworn they removed unknowns when 1.7 released.

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I know they’re harmful, of course I will. :slight_smile:

My blockhead helper man would have become evil man if I did not trash it.


What were you doing when you got it? If you don’t know when you got it, what were you doing before you noticed it and what were you doing when you noticed it?

Did you have any chests or safes? Was someone near you that could have dropped it?

It was just in my inventory, I was placing tracks when I noticed but I think I had it before without checking if it was an unknown.

Did you have any chests or safes?

Not when I noticed it, I may have had about 6 safes when it happened, because I did earlier although I lost those.

What do you mean by “lost”? They mysteriously disappeared? Maybe they mysteriously turned into the donkey chew toy.

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I am pretty sure I dropped the basket by mistake, silly me, it even had a trade portal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are unknowns so bad? They don’t do anything do they?

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They can corrupt more things, and are corrupted items themselves.

Hmmmm so now with the this photo there’s proof they still exist… time to destroy people’s severs with them >:)


I don’t really see the humor in that? But as long as you’re joking.

Everybody’s sense of humour is different

Joking about griefing servers is kind of uncomfortable for me, that’s all. :slight_smile:

I would never grief, if someone destroys my buildings I don’t even do it to them, I just kill all their blockheads (if pvp is on) :slight_smile: