Castle help

I am building a castle and I’m not exactly sure what to put in the middle…help plz
(Notice: I’ll change the backgrounds when I’m done)


A version of those towers but 5x the size, maybe with chandeliers.

10 x. :wink:

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Tried it, didn’t work out well as the space was even and the tip looked weird

There are lots of nice tips here Tips on building a wooden castle/rustic mansion?

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Like an arch bridge?


this was kinda old but it can work out

a small thing i wanna say is if i owned that castle i would build the heck out of it

also another thing is, i didnt try my best the build that castle mostly because it was ment fot my thread but hopefully it helps

enough of that junk here are my tips

  • add a center part with a longer roof in the middle

  • add long hallways with long short roofs on top of them, put these hallways on the sides of the castle

  • make the castle even

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What do you mean by hallways?

My idea is to build a bridge connecting those two side towers. Then have a talk a big castle in the middle of the bridge, going from the ground and as high above the bridge as you want.

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just a big long thing that is supposed to be the entrance

and the roof i talked about should extand and stop into the sides of the building

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This is what I came up with before, is that what you meant by hallways with short roofs?


not exactly i was talking about the very ends of the castle

but i see you have less space

so my tip is to make a castle tall and make the middle part taller

I’ve disappointed you…

I played around a bit more, and this is what I got. I’m not really sure what to put in the empty spaces between the towers though…

Is there any possibility of expanding your available space? If not, Try putting a bit of a walkway between the top levels of each tower, then a little tree crammed underneath.

I could expand to the right since nothing is built there yet

Expand as much as you can, then place the towers again according to the newly available space.

After that, try following Kingmaharjan10’s advice, as it should fit then.