Cauldrons for catching rain

Yeah, ik about the infinite water machine, but rain cauldrons and rain actually being able to refill seas would be nice. They require a medium crafting price and are more efficient with a funnel. The funnel has very low crafting costs, and helps with water intake. When you click on the cauldron, a delete, empty water and cauldron button emerge. Delete puts it in inventory, empty water flushes the water out onto the ground and cauldron opens up a overlay with a water gauge and a bucket place. If you put a empty bucket there, it will fill it with a fifth of the cauldron. If this is bad, well, :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uh, floods? :flushed:

Greifer floods are already bad enough, natural floods would be even worse! :smiley:

Why are you happy about that? The natural rain would fill it slowly.

He is probably being sarcastic.

It would still flood the world eventually. :sweat_smile:

I think he’s laughing because moving water is incredibly resource hungry, and can cause major problems on older devices.

OK, so just go with the cauldrons then. Plus, I actually said something about a dump water button, so just put 1 near a lake, wait till it’s full and just push the dump water button.

How would that mechanism work?