Cave Troll Control (long suggestion)

My dream is responsible for this one (and I’ve dreamed this type of thing twice, and you know what they say about repeating dreams…)

The general idea is that instead of a sixth blockhead, you will be able to take a cave troll and basically control it as your sixth blockhead. (It will be in your list of blockheads, beneath all blockheads. Even if you get him before all five other blockheads, it’ll always be at the bottom.)
To do this requires a few (expensive) steps.
Then I will address the positive and negative differences between the troll and a regular blockhead.

The Mind Control

  1. The Mind Control Device
    This works along the theory that we control the blockheads minds, and that’s why tinfoil hats, blocking our mind control, let the blockheads do as they please.
    So we must make a mind control device. This is crafted at the craft bench with
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 3 carbon fiber sheets
  • 10 copper wire

It would be a sort of hat that the trolls wear.
To place it on the troll, you have to hold it and tap the troll. Your blockhead will go up and put it on him.
2) the Troll Trap
This is a device that is to keep the troll “in place”. You are basically building a cage from titanium. At the metalwork bench:

  • 10 titanium ingots (or pillars) (as bars)
  • 2 titanium blocks (as top & bottom)
  • 1 shark jaw
  1. the Majic
    This is how the troll costs time crystals (since it’s kinda like a blockhead). The device is called the chronosphere (tentative name, couldn’t think of anything better). When cages and wearing the hat, tap the troll with this selected to complete your control. The recipe is as follows, at the ruby portal:
  • 1 amethyst
  • 1 sapphire
  • 1 emerald
  • 1 ruby
  • 1 diamond
  • 500 time crystals
  1. Name
    You can name the troll with whatever Dave has made that lets you name Dodos.

Cave Troll Abilities

There are many things trolls will be able to do, and many things they will not.


  • trolls do more damage than regular blockheads (break blocks faster, kill mobs faster)
  • trolls do not take heat damage
  • trolls
  • meditation cycles yield better products (no food/organic items: instead, you only get ingots, time crystals, gems, coins, and ores. Maybe ice torches could also be a rare drop?)
  • trolls lose happiness slower in correlation with health (less health doesn’t lead to unhappiness as quickly)


  • Trolls cannot eat. They don’t get hungry, either. So no food to heal them. (Alternative idea: they can only eat meat.)
  • trolls have fewer inventory spaces (2-4)
  • trolls cannot craft
  • trolls take longer to sleep
  • trolls have to wear custom armor crafted from ice armor and other materials (they can’t wear helmets)
  • trolls won’t be completely happy unless there is at least one ice torch nearby
  • meditation cycles will take twice as long

Standard Troll Rules

  • trolls can be healed by hot tubs
  • trolls have more health than average blockheads
  • trolls can’t crawl

The Guide

So how is someone going to figure out how to do all of this? Through a combination of words in the crafting recipes and on top of the screen.

  1. Crafting Recipes
  • Mind Control Device
    "Pair with troll trap and Chronosphere to control your troll"
    1. Troll Trap
      "Capture Trolls to Control"
    1. Chronosphere
      "The last step to control trolls" (or “A small step for man, a giant leap for trolls”)
  1. Top-of-Screen Guide
    Where tips appear, handcar jump distances, tool recommendations, etc would appear.
  • When holding the mind control device: “Tap on a Cave Troll to equip this device. The next step is to cage it.”
  • When holding the troll trap: “Place the trap, then lead the troll into it. The next step is to use the chronosphere.”
  • When holding the chronosphere: “Tap a trapped troll that is wearing a mind control device.”


Troll Armor Armor for your troll can be crafted at the level four armor bench. This is an upgrade from the level three armor bench that requires 2 ice torches (and maybe a full set of ice armor?). The armor unlocked at this level bench is only wearable by trolls, and other armor cannot be worn by them. Special troll armor can only be made at the carbon fiber, titanium, and iron levels (perhaps not even iron). Each will follow the general recipe below (ingot being whatever ingot used, or carbon fiber):
  • Helmet - trolls are wearing the mind control hat, so they can’t wear a helmet as well
  • Chestplate - 5 Ingots + Ice Chestplate
  • Leggings- 3 Ingots and Ice Leggings
  • Boots - 2 Ingots and Ice Boots

I’ll admit, in my dream it wasn’t so challenging to control the troll… I actually don’t know how I did it, I was just using him to go bash scorpions. I remember that part pretty well.
If anyone has anything they’d like to add, remove, or change, please comment below including the details. Of course, anything that I wrote up there is all subject to change, especially by Dave if he decides to implement anything like this. (Which hopefully he will… ;)) I just wrote out some details to get the idea started…
Any particular reason you don’t think this should be added? Explain why in the comments below. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading! If you like the suggestion… you know what to do. :wink:

Also, if you have a better idea for a name for the device made at the portal than chronosphere, please let me know.


So you’re suggesting slaves? :wink:

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No more than current blockheads already being our slaves.


True :slight_smile:

Once the troll hat runs out of durability, will it hunt down the nearest blockhead and bash his/her head in? :joy:

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This suggestion is one of the best I have sen in a long time! I think trolls shouldn’t heal in a hot tub, though. They would like to be around ice torches, so they would like to be cold.

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That is what I said. More happier with ice torches, can heal from hot tubs.

I made a mistake. I edited it.

Ooh, I do too. But I don’t want to sacrifice a blockheads in my best world on single player.

You can still control them. They’ll just also do actions on their own, such as eat, sleep, collect food, and place lights.

I’m pretty sure trolls can crawl.

They can’t crawl through a 1-block-high space. They can “crawl” up and down steps where spaces are two blocks high, which may be what you’re thinking of.

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I didn’t mean climb. I actually meant crawl.

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They cannot crawl through one-block-high spaces. This is how you can kill them while untouchable by them.


They can’t reach the blockhead in that space, nor crawl through that space.

@Octo How would they heal, then? I picked hot tubs because, after all, they can live undamaged on top of lava…

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Interesting concept and I fully support this idea. But, can trolls engage in PvP with one another? Instead of a Blockhead being used. A troll can be a nice substitute. (I.E Hard hitting power and durability, the armor enhances its defensive capabilities.)

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Interesting idea. It’s quite unique.
But will a “controlled Troll” attack a “wild Troll”? And can other mobs harm a “controlled Troll”?

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Oh. I didn’t think of that. I guess it’s not to bad for them to heal in hot tubs.

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Maybe feed them ice?

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Nice. I always seem to be so amused whenever people post far-fetched ideas, stuff along the lines of aliens and traps. It makes me wonder how gaming style in blockheads will change if it was actually implemented.

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