Cave troll count!

How many Cave Trolls have you found?

I didn’t find my first one until a week or two ago, nine months into the game. In the past two weeks I’ve found four. :stuck_out_tongue:

How many have you found?

My latest cave troll had TWO GOLDEN CHESTS and a TRADE PORTAL! :smiley: Plus the usual two ice torches :smiley:

one -.-
but i dont go mining often anymore

47! But I do spend most of my time in the mines looking for those fluffy things! Currently I have 13 troll portals.

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None! I’m really bad at searching Cave Trolls and such… :frowning:

I have found so many I have lost count XD

Cheeseburger do you know why it took you so long to find one? Were you not looking/mining, or were you playing a world you had fully explored?

I voted for 4/5, it might be 6, I am starting to lose count now. All in the past month. They don’t seem to be hard to find as long as you know where to look.

Over six and I have two living in houses above ground, they followed me to the top.

It’s because I haven’t been mining in ages, but I just started a cave-finding expedition to get time crystals and gems, as well as cave trolls. I found four so far, I’m still working on this expedition. :smiley:

LoveBunny, wow, 47 cave trolls! That’s wild! :smiley:

I want the cave troll achievement but I can’t bear to kill one. XD

What comes after death…

I found 7…

[SIZE=1]0 [SIZE=3]over here :frowning:

[SIZE=2]i have been mine every time i play the blookheads and have found no cave tolls. WHY!!![/SIZE]

Cave trolls are found close to lava, just keep exploring caves near the bottom and you should find one.

Whew, so many cave trolls! :eek:


0 but I keep on finding gems and no cave trolls I already found 60+ amethyst and still 30+ sapphires and no cave trolls D:

Amethysts and sapphires are the easiest gems to find, it sounds like you need to mine deeper or to follow more cave systems and seams if you aren’t doing that. Or you could just be unlucky.

I have totally lost count :stuck_out_tongue: in my sp I have found 4, servers about 6 and some with my buddy, Violetta!

I’d found one on my phone, but zero on my tablet up until yesterday, when I went back exploring in my first mineshaft and found two cave trolls.


This guy spawned directly on top of a time crystal block.

I think I’ll kill one for the achievement and trap the other one, but I don’t know which I’ll trap or which I’ll keep. I’m thinking two right now. He seems lucky.

Heh, I’d keep number two as well, he seems luckier. Spawns on a TC block AND two gold ore blocks very close! :smiley: