Cave Troll Epidemic


Cave trolls will disapper if a server crashes or restarts while it is being ridden, just wanted to put this out there.

Someone murdered my tamed cave troll in a protected server
Investigating The Magma Circle

On IOS too?

I rode Sneeze II home 2 days ago in my ipad, the server crashed at one point but the troll I was riding reappeared after a few seconds.


Hmm, two trolls including original Sneezy were lost on Giants. Maybe this does not always happen.


Is it rare?


Seems common, it’s happened twice.


Make it THREE trolls gone :cry:
I was riding another troll (named Monsta) along the magma rail when Giants crashed not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times. In a row. Definitely wasn’t caused by my WiFi connection, I was playing on my phone on Outside the blocks at the same time and I didn’t suffer any lag or disconnections.

By the fourth crash, the troll was gone. :cry: Instead, a ball of magma appeared under the magma subway…must be where all lagged trolls go to… The evil ball of magma. MWAHAHAHA :smiling_imp:

I was alone on the server, on my ipad. I spent so long to tame this troll, about 2 hours, and it comes to this. Again. ;_;


Ooooh my :flushed: :pensive:


What a mysterious lag happening to your trolls and a really mysterious circle middle at the magma!


I wouldn’t call it mysterious, it’s happened to multiple people now and it seems obvious.

Cave trolls will usually get deleted when a server crashes while being ridden, and that is a fog circle caused from lag, much like the Rabbithole ones, (or maybe it’s Deleted Cave Troll Land. :thinking: )


My bad I think it’s about time to Dave pay attention what’s happening to the owner of the Cave trolls who already tamed them because if this can’t stop a lot of us will lose cave trolls when the world server lagged out because of connections.

Maybe I keep calling the circle in lava a mysterious :stuck_out_tongue:


We can call it the mysterious relam of magma trolls… :fire:


Yeah :cool:


Guess who lost another troll today? Clue: the person’s name rhymes with the word “Day”.


This time, I left the world for a short while and the server crashed when I was not there. My troll (which I was not even riding) just disappeared. My other trolls in my plot didn’t disappear though.

Another troll gone, along with the time I spent to tame it. Four trolls in the realm of magma, three of them mine. :cry:


may,kay and say


GUYS I FOUND SNEEZY! And Coughy and Monsta!! All my lost trolls!!!

They teleported to underneath the north pole in the magma. I found this out when I slept on a golden bed which glitched-teleported me to the magma under the north pole, somehow.

Didn’t take any damage, and my blockhead teleported back to the golden bed again after a while. The three trolls are all there though!

As you can see, something weird happened to the ocean near there as well. Now the server is constantly crashing every 10 seconds, and when I did a /stop it stopped crashing but when the north pole loaded again it crashed again. North Pole is the new bermuda triangle.
Edit: server is fine now if I don’t load the north pole.

Now, is there any way I could get those out? I’m glad they are all fine all the same :slight_smile:


Nah, it’s Santa’s magic. :wink:


Their inner ice armor has kept them cool down there, that’s so crazy.


They don’t drop ice armour anymore.




They poop ice armour?
I’ll release my inner kitten!