Cave troll FAQ


BHB unofficially asked someone to make a cave troll FAQ, so here it is

Q: Where are cave trolls found?
A: They are found in caves in the bottom quarter of the world

Q: What do they look like?
(picture found at the blockheads wiki)

Q: Do they spawn with anything?
A: They spawn with two ice torches and one golden chest. As of 1.5 they also spawn with a trade portal.
They may occasionally spawn with only one ice torch, depending on where they spawn.

Q: Do they drop anything when killed?
A: When they are killed, you may receive a piece of ice armor, which you can wear. you will also get an achievement in game center when you first kill a cave troll:
Achievement: blue fury
Definition: defeat a cave troll
Points earned: 5
Way to earn: mine to center of the earth, mine sideways, find caves near center of earth, explore, find cave troll, defeat cave troll

Q: Do they harm you?
A: If you harm or get too close to them, they will harm you. If you run away when it walks towards you, it will continue to follow you until it hits you.

Q: How do i trap a cave troll?
A: You need to make a cave troll follow you to the designated location (make sure there are no narrow horizontal passageways) and then simply surround it in a block.

Q: A cave troll wont stop following me! How do I escape?
A: Go into a tunnel in which you need to crawl through, or get far enough ahead and block it off from you.


If i missed any important points please tell me and ill add it :slight_smile:

The almost complete list of guides
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Thanks for making the FAQ, Buddy9104.

For anyone interesting in general discussion of Cave Trolls, here’s the main thread:


Q: How do I make a cave troll farm?
A: You can’t. Cave trolls only spawn when the world is generated.
Q: How hard are they to kill? Will they kill me?
A: Once you have made an iron sword, they’re really easy to kill, and you can’t actually die. Just keep tapping on them, but make sure to tap slow enough so that you don’t cancel the action. It should take around 16 hits to finish one off.


Actually to attract cave trolls without being seen(glitch) get a diamond and cover yourself in limestone or marble.
It worked in only one of my worlds.


Thanks for the FAQ, it will be appreciated by a lot of players.
Just one minor point: Sometimes they do spawn with only one ice torch


By the way - If I understand the above posts correctly, you can’t make a Troll spawn in an already explored area by placing a Gold Chest and a couple of Ice Torches yourself - or can you?


You can’t.


I don’t get this. Isn’t the golden chest with ice torches just a rumor? And is the diamond and limestone/marble idea true? :confused:


No you can’t. My post was not meant to be about the way the trolls are “generated” or “spawned” or whatever but just about the number of ice torches they do have. Sorry if poor english caused confusion.


Okay, so can you find a troll in worlds that you spawned before 1.4?


no, you can find them in worlds you spawned in before 1.4, but the places you already explored you wont find them in


Sometimes none. :frowning:


You found one with none? Aww…

And you can’t get them to spawn.


They do?!? If yes, then I might be dying really soon…I’m in a pickle. :smiley: I thought that Cave Trolls don’t spawn, but they drop Trade Portals when killed?


oh yeah, thanks, i forgot to add that in :stuck_out_tongue:


Cave trolls may be found with a trade portal, in the same way it may be found with an ice torch or golden chest.


So I would have cave trolls in my kingdom?

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if you mean do you have cave trolls in your world, then yes, you should.


Please update it, because you can die now.


How many cave trolls spawn when a world it generated?