Cave troll FAQ

It’s random. There may be only 3, there may be 9!

Well I’ve already caught 5, so…

I think the figures 3 and 9 might be way too low. On The New City of Troy I have brought 9 of them to my base, killed an additional 2 and know of at least 2 that have been killed by other players. And I have not yet explored the caves all around the world and I am still easily finding more of them, so I assume there are still quite a few left.
That was with 1.4 though, so on new 1.5 worlds they might be rarer.

The picture is a little bit older, showing only 7 of the blue pets

Yes, just explore an unexplored cave, the world generates as you go, it doesn’t generate all at once.

I agreed with your post as I have killed several but today…was killed by a shark and then a cave troll…makes me rethink my game. I thought I was the Queen…ok, at least pretty good but today I fell from Grace! I had a bronze sword, which apparently didn’t work. Previously I used an ax and or an iron pick ax. This is a new game.

do cave trolls die overtime?

they seem to randomly disappear, but they dont die. i think the random disappearances is a bug.

I recently got killed TWICE by the same Cave Troll! I have killed several and gotten their gifts…but apparently this is a new game change. The same blockhead was also killed by a shark much to my surprise.

I think if it’s on a server it sometimes doesn’t load but on sp yes I think it’s a bug

ok because I would have worked hard to get those cave trolls there, and then what would the point be of trapping them?

Cave trolls are found in the gold/diamond level of the world. They spawn with a golden chest, two ice torches and occasionally a trade portal, since 1.5. They are easy to kill with an iron sword, and are slow moving. However, they can climb like a blockhead, but cannot enter one block high gaps, doors or trapdoors. They are not as lethal as people think, and are nothing to worry about. You cannot farm them, but can make them follow you up to the surface. Don’t worry if they only spawn with one ice torch.

I recently found a cave troll… I also forgot that they added death to

gee i wonder what happened… :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely approached it, then it got mad because of its personal space problems and chased him before killing him :stuck_out_tongue: that’s just my guess but that seems to happen quite a lot.

So you can’t spawn them, you have to find them?


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How to get 100 crystals

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Sorry if this is a noobish question but what do ice torches do?

They’re like torches, but they also make it a bit colder nearby. If you have enough, you can make water freeze.

They can also hurt your Blockhead and even kill it if you have enough.