Cave troll or literally any other forms of getting around?

So I finally tame a cave troll and I have a second one I considered taming.

I was actually happy at first but then I took a ride on it. And it’s pretty slow and the control is a little weird. Plus the fact my base is very far away, I wondered if it would be worth the effort bringing it back with me or leaving it there with a feeder chest.

I don’t think you have to feed it after taming

It’s worth it in the end. Trust me!

Why though? Just for the achievement of having one? A living decoration?

Yup! :sweat_smile:

If it’s multiplayer, then to keep an eye on it. Pets log off and vanish when you do, but if your device is like mine and everything loads slow, you want your pets close by when you are on lol.
Or maybe only I have this paranoia.

idk if it stiell works but you can breed them and get ice armor it hink