Cave Troll Questions

Is it possible to cage a tamed cave troll? I found one unexpectedly and thought it if was worth taming it so I can cage it.

Also is it now possible to spawn cave trolls or still no (last post I could find about it dates back in 2018)?

No u can’t sorry and u can take 2 of them put them together and they will spawn another one after a while

I don’t think that spawning part is correct. I’ve done some reading on the forums and have heard nothing of the sort :thinking:

I read that two cave trolls will spawn a “Sasquatch”.

Darn. I was hoping to cave one so I can bring it to my house on a server I play on.

That’s how I spawned them before

Can you bring them to the surface without having them despawn?

How do you get them to the surface? The cave troll only goes a short distance before stopping and going back to it’s position. Do i have to remove the chest and ice torch?

One Tamed, Do I have to continue feeding it? I read posts with mixed answers so I’m unsure.

U tame them and than u ride the to the top and no they won’t die

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No they won’t

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So you can’t breed cave trolls?

You can’t. And that isn’t true about the Sasquatch sorry! I’ve seen things like that too, but you have to read carefully. They’re usually either suggestions or questions.

I’ve done it before don’t tell me I cant I also seen babies before

Dave didn’t program it to have cave troll babies though. That’s impossible :confused:

You can bring them to the surface or leave them in their cave and they won’t despawn.

The best way to lead a troll to the surface is to lead them a bit away from their cave and then block it off so they can’t return. Otherwise, they tend to go back if it’s possible for them to. You can remove the chest and ice torch if you’d like but that won’t affect whether they return to their cave or not.

You can tame the troll and ride it to the surface, but in my experience troll-riding is a bit laggy and it’s easier to lead them to the surface and then tame them.

Taming a cave troll typically takes 10 golden coins and once a troll is tamed, you do not need to continue feeding it. It will not lose health from starvation, only from direct harm (i.e. another player hits it).

Note: there is a bug where a cave troll will not tame, regardless of how much you feed it

Breeding cave trolls is not possible, although some players have used photoshop, made paintings within the game, or made videos to pretend that it is. It is also not possible to spawn cave trolls. They are generated with caves when you make a new world so each server has a set number of trolls in it upon creation.

This is incorrect. I’m not sure where you’ve seen it but it was likely another player trolling you.


Mable it was a glitch but I had 2 cave trolls together than I joined back like the next day and I had 3

Yes that would be a glitch.

I been playing since back when u could use microphones to talk to each other

That doesn’t change anything.

I have been playing for that long as well :wink:
Trust me, if it were possible to breed cave trolls then I would have a nice troll army by now.


Like I said it must of been a glitch

There used to be mics!!!
I would love that!