Cave troll


I was wandering a unexplored cave when I came upon a cave troll

Just want to show u all if u have never discovered a cave troll before

I will record number of hits with an iron sword before a cave troll dies

I get back to u all in a few minutes…l

16 hits with an iron sword to kill a cave troll

Kills your blockhead very quickly, not like your average drop bear, the cave troll fights to the death…

Kill like your blockhead 10 health bars or more

The torches aren’t ordinary torches there ice torches they stay blue forever I believe…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a creature fighting to the death easier to kill than one, like the shark, who flees? Congrats on finding your first troll! I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on an ice torch :wink:


We’ll the troll basically attacks faster than ur by can attack so when your dead ever time you hit it they will hit you once…


Me too


You can’t die… Does being at no health prevent you from making attacks?


Yeah wow umm may i ask you how many blocks deep you were


Below halfway between sea level and lava.



What he/she means by “die” is having no health. If you had no health IRL, you’d be dead.


So how are cave trolls hard? Sharks in the open ocean are hard. Sharks in a small trap are easy - still takes a lot of hits but they can’t attack and flee. The cave troll may have a lot of HP, but he’d be infinitely more hard if he ran away every time he took your health down, forcing you to have to heal to track him down.


I think sharks are definitely harder to kill than trolls, swimming after a shark when you have no health makes it near impossible to kill if you have nothing to get your health straight back up.

Trolls attack you and don’t run off so you can just batter them until they’re dead.


I’ve found my first too!
It was fairly close to lava…
It was ‘guarding’ a diamond, a chest, and two ice torches.
It took my iron armour down about half way with a couple of hits, and it took around 15-17 hits with an iron sword to kill. (I didn’t really have time to check… :p)

Edit: it looks like it’s dancing. And the chest had 6 iron ingots in it. I think that these chests have the same stuff in it as the kinds that you find under beaches.


I also got this stuff.


So…by dead you mean it is now possible to die in the game? Do you respawn? Does the troll run away when you hit it?


No. You can’t die in the blockheads.


Why can’t I find a Cave Troll?!


Are cave trolls always found with torches beside them? So I will know when I see it way before I get there


And I think they also have a chest close to the torches.


I found an easy way to kill Trolls, but no images to prove it as trolls are very rare and ive only found one.

First find a troll (Hard)
Have the troll run after you
Climb to the roof and dig through, the troll will follow you as well.
When the troll enters the area you dug, seal the roof you opened!
He is trapped and if the horizontal space is 1 block of length, he cannot climb!
Now just dig up and to a side and Arrow him to death at a safe distance.
In the end, you only take damage once: when you seal the trap!


Thats cool but i don’t think u can actually die??
I think they get injured and walk veeeerrry slow :):):):slight_smile:


Jut found my first cave troll! :smiley: but I forgot to take a picture because I was too busy hitting it with my hands and a pick axe when I remembered I had one. :frowning: It kinda scared me when it started coming after me so I just started hitting it. I wish I had a picture to remember this moment.