Cave troll


I used a fresh bow and went through 100 arrows. When all was said and done, it still took like 15-20 hits with my sword to kill him. I’m certain their damage reduction is above bow damage, making them impervious.


You think fighting a troll was hard try fighting jaws


Do you mean sharks?
Sharks are way easier, believe me. Doesn’t look like you’ve killed a single troll.


I find killing sharks to be far more difficult - in that they swim faster than you can. Sharks are easier to find, however, especially if you set up a trap. But there’s no great difficulty killing trolls, other than locating one to kill.


I built a house around my cave troll and named him Bluebell.


I think trolls are easier to kill too. You can just stab it over and over even with no health whereas trying to chase a shark after it’s left you with little to no health is a pain and takes way too long.

omg babzhill that’s beautiful.


It’s easier to kill a shark…
Provided you trap it. Which most people who get that many shark jaws do.


Well I’ve never trapped one so wouldn’t know what it’s like then. Do you have to corner it and quickly build a wall to shut it in? I tried that once and wasn’t fast enough.


I wanted to try luring one, but they return to their torch.


It seems like everybody has found a cave troll except for me. D:


I dint trap it I have a shark farm


I was digging under the east equator and found my first cave troll.


I found 3 yesterday and one today, I was taking pictures of my blockhead with the one today and


she’s just looking at him like “wth are you doing just stand still!”


Yup. :frowning: I tried it too.


Why is it so difficult to find one…I’ve literally been exploring all the caves within 2000 blocks of spawn after 1.4 and have yet to find one.


I’ve found 5 so far 8D

But I was hoping that when you killed them you got a different bit of armour. I have 2 hats, 2 pairs of boots and 1 pair of leggings :expressionless: I want the top part!

4 out of my 5 have been found in this bad boy



Lol, I’ve been through one massive cave and found a grand total of 0. And yet in other caves I’ve found 3-4.
My chest with steel lanterns vanished or I’d be looking now.

@thatlouise… Interesting GC nickname…


Is that lousie A BOY?


Haha it’s been my username on a couple of sites, it’s stupid and no-one else has it! I realised after I uploaded it that it was showing and was too lazy to get another pic.


EDIT: I was going through a cave the other day placing torches and as I was running out of the steel ones, I was going as far into the darkness as I could. I placed a lamp and it was RIGHT at the feet of a troll. I legged it back to where. i was coming from until my heart calmed down hahaha, scariest troll encounter yet.


I missed it the first time around. :smiley: