Cave troll


Lol, I did that once. Except as I was placing it I was having my other blockhead do something, so then I saw her (the one that placed the steel lantern) get hurt and I was like “WHAT! Agh!”

Of course, it’s pretty difficult to survive an encounter with one undamaged anyway.

Edit: just found another one! I’ve been finding at least one a day so far this week (when I started looking more).


That happened to me! My first and only troll I have found. I placed a lantern and as soon as it lit up the troll was coming at me and it scared me so bad I just started to hit it and forgot to take a picture. :confused: i tried to kill it with just my hand too(not a smart idea!).


I went troug a hell of a cave and burned some clothes in lava :3 and i still didn’t even smell one


First thing I do when I find a troll is to remove my armor so it doesn’t take damage during the encounter. The nice thing about the pole boots, skirt, and hat, is they never take damage so they need to have to be removed or remade.


I have a chestplate just need the helmet now and its only the fourth troll i have killed!


I have been looking almost every day since the update and only found one in my main world :frowning: The golden chest had 9 iron and 7 rubies though so I was pretty happy.


Hey, that donkey icon looks familiar! Do you have any extra armor peices? I’ll trade the helmet for the chest plate.


The cave doesnt have to be unexplored because i was playing on my ipad and decided to take a break and locked it and when i unlocked it i saw a cave troll. I was three blocks away from lava. I had a bronze sword and i killed it in about 10-15 hits.


I have not encountered one yet are they rare? And I guess you can’t truely just drop dead after you have no health so strangely you can never die??


Yes, they are rare. No, you cannot actually die.

Then you hadn’t seen it when you locked your iPad - maybe your blockhead hadn’t placed the light by then. Because that doesnt happen…


My cave troll despawned cause i put it in jail…


I don’t get it, when I was killing a cave troll, it didn’t even try to attack me.


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