Cave trolls: fight or flight


I figured out something that made escaping or passing troll more easily.

So usually you take the time to places down blocks to stop a cave troll from getting to you. Well it’s still pretty true. But for me, I wait for the troll to go back. Then I run as close I can to the troll and place a wooden door and extra blocks if necessary.

This strat lets me run in and out of a cave troll’s area without them being able to stop me.

I also place a wooden door on the other side. So I run in, steal an item and run back out. A lot of the time the troll has no time to respond. The only reason I got hit was because I went in to break a block to flatten the ground.

I believe this method will make a good holding cell if I decide to come back and tame the trolls. I found thre cave troll, in a single cave and have trapped them all.


I always thought they could pass through doors.


They can’t go through doors, but watch out for elevators. Trolls can use elevators.


They can’t go through doors, but they can use elevators? :joy:


Better place doors around the elevator access😂


They are smart enough to use a elevator but not a door.


It’s actually easier to use an elevator.
Doors are probably elevators but smaller and flatter.


Not sure about elevators but I considered using trapdoors. Hopefully they cant pass through those