Cave trolls spawning with normal portals


I think there needs to be a 30-50% chance of when finding a cave troll it will spawn with a portal rather then a trade portal. just for convenience


As long as those regular portals cause lag I would rather trolls not have any. If in the future the lag issue with portals is solved this would be a nice addition. A convenient way to pop in to tame the troll!


Convenient indeed!


Well, I don’t get why it would be too big of a problem. Chunks do not generate themselves until you’re about to discover it, which is why people were able to find titanium in old worlds when titanium was added to the game. That being the case, it won’t lag anything until you find it, and once you do, just remove it if you don’t want it. And on servers, people create portals regardless so one more wont really do much, especially if it isn’t generated right away.

And even though I argued that this wouldn’t be a problem, I’d have to disagree. I like there being trade portals.


Same goes for sky islands.


All the portals you can see load when you join a world. The chunks that those portals are in also load and stay active. Anything in those chunks also load. That is why they lag. Trade portals do not load the chunks so they do not lag.


Back to my previous point though, they wouldn’t generate until they’re found, which would mean no lag until it’s found (if at all). Even so, people would likely remove it.