Cavetroll Questions

Q: can you tame a troll?
Q: if you can tame a troll, how do you tame them?
Q: how many ways can you kill a troll?

A: Yes

A: You feed them gold coins

A: Pretty much anyway you want. It just might take a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I kill the cave troll or tame it with gold coins?

Tame it! Trolls are a limited resource that can never be replaced. They should be on the blockheads endangered species list.


Also, how long does it take to tame a troll?

I hear, as long as you don’t hit it… 20 gold coins

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It’s 10 if you don’t hit it

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Oops thanks for that correction

But when you don’t kill them technically they are not a resource, but a decoration. You get nothing from them. You only get assetts (ice armour) when you kill them.

I thought it was 20?

It’s 10, from personal experience.