Cedarpolis - Server Economy-Based

Now open!

Our world is economy based. You may make money by mining or crafting (e.g. fuel at the fuel factory) and selling your goods. You may find a job. Building and mining outside the city is fine. Houses, apartments and shops are available to buy in the city centre and will provide you a better way to enjoy the server.



The boring but important bit.


No use of bad words.

Respect other players.

Do not destroy buildings in the city.

Do not build without permit in the city centre.

No hacking or use of bugs to generate money/TC or destroy/slow the server.

No spamming or advertising other servers, links.

This list is not exhaustive. Use your commom sense and follow instructions of the owner, Admins and Mod’s.


Thanks for reading.




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Is this Cloud or Mac? If it’s cloud, are tou willing to pay to keep it running for a decent amount of time? Also, could you provide a few more details about your server (e.g.: rules, how to apply for staff, Et Cetera Et Cetera.)

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I’m jealous.

Remember that being jealous is not good.

I was joking.


Okay, but it is bad to be jealous though. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

Hi, it will be running for more than a year, currently 2 months already paid for. There is no Vacancy for staff, however if you open a business or do something really exciting over a few months I am happy to consider a new staff vacancy. The main rules are on the welcome page of the server.

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Yeah but your kinda supposed to put them on them on the server thread

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This has now been updated. Thank you.

Great server so far, love the city. @Miguelmbn gave me a very thorough tour of the arena and a factory. :smiley:

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Heya I visited this server today, I only stayed for a few minutes to explore. But I really loved what I saw. The welcome was very informative and really well thought out.

The buildings and “border control” are so much fun! I would defo recommend for a nice sight seeing visit. Would be interested in visiting when staff are on or some sort of event.


My new favorite :slight_smile: