Chance of revival?

I feel like this game will never be played again after all this. I’m too sad to see it fade away. The constant question that swirls in my mind is: “Will this game make a comeback?”

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Not in its current form, but there is hope for a sequel. :wink:

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People still play offline worlds and a lot return to blockheads after a break. I was still meeting new players in public cloud worlds all the time. I’m sure there are private multiplayer worlds out there too. And not many have played expert.

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Just out of curiosity, how many? I’ve never been able to find out that statistic myself… :frowning:


Yeah recently. then the worlds got destroyed

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Oh, that’s super unfortunate.

The future of this game is making a server with a few friends and playing on it until there isn’t much left to do. The era of persistent servers with players online at all times is over, but that doesn’t mean that the game is dead.


I agree, in fact I’m working on a 4X Single Player worldwide railroad which is totally 100% flat - cutting through the mountains, oceans or skies.

I also plan to use it for some experimental data - for example timing how long it takes to circumnavigate on foot, donkey, unicorn, handcar, jet pack, locomotive, with coffee/without coffee… So much to do! :lol:

I’ll be busy with this game by the time my grandkids graduate college :lol:

Fyi: I’m not a grandfather yet. But I do have a 15 year old daughter… so it’s not inconceivable anymore.


Dead? In what sense?

Public cloud worlds are dead in the sense that nobody plays on them anymore. The game is not dead in the sense that people play the game.

People still play the game, but nobody plays in public cloud servers.

Oh, okay. I get it now… :slight_smile:

Who is it that keeps screwing up the cloud servers anyways?

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I just wish this game could breathe it’s last breath in peace :confused:

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i agree with this considering that once he takes it down i don’t think that’s an easy thing to just take back, considering that’s there’s basically zero chance but we’ll have to see

The Blockhead 2 is our hope now. Please be hopeful! :smiley:

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Because we can’t :sob:

I lost a month of my life on a 4x world super flat railway with exactly one block high water that you could also sail a boat through. The cold poles were the fussiest.

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Why just lose? It’s that server got hacked? :frowning:
If it did, only hoping blockhead 2 will patch the fright car stuff. And hoped no more glitches will be discovered and make the game unplayable once again

It was an offline world. It took a month to make but it didn’t get used much. I guess it was about the journey not the destination.