Changing names


Could milla make it so we can change our names ourselves while of course only 2-3 times before we have to wait 6 months to do it again.

It would be good for all :slight_smile:


Do you mean Forums names?

If so, I don’t agree. I think allowing people to switch forums names 2-3 times themselves would create confusion for the other forum members and would also promote flippant and reckless use of the forums (ex. some players might post an opinion just to get a rise out of others, then turn around and change their forums name). We’ve seen this happen with people who use alternative forums accounts (which is not allowed for this very reason).

If people feel strongly about changing their name now, they only need to request the name change through Milla. Doing so makes people accountable and more likely to think carefully about the name they choose to begin with.


Thu is right. People can also get away with double posting like this.


I don’t think that’s it.
eg. I used to be Lavender_Sonata. I changed my username, say, 5 months ago. All posts before that, though made while my username was Lavender_Sonata, now say they were posted by Cate.
Post 1 by Lavender Sonata: I’m going to double post!
1 minute later: username changed to cate.
Post 1 by Cate: I’m going to double post!
Post 2 by Cate: Oh no, I didn’t think this through! I am defeaateed…


Oh interesting. I thought that the name remained the same. That’s good to know.


Do you think forumers are that stupid :laughing:

I don’t support this idea because people could change their names to impearsonate or to confuse others. And sometimes you regret changing your name. And milla gives support because I wanted to change my name to something bad, but I didn’t know that you can only change your name once a year. So now my name could have been cchiudutsityrsugcjjgittwe if it weren’t for milla.


I was thinking of changing my IGN and forum names eventually. My name sake wasn’t too peachy of a human. I hope I can do it.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with changing names (plenty of people do it for their own reasons). I just think that allowing it to be done so easily so many times without any moderation/guidance from Milla could turn into a problem.


Maybe one change per six months? and a thing to display previous names?


This could still get confusing. I told Wumbo that I was WolfLover999 and he had no idea that I used to be Wolf.


Yeah, I had absolutely no clue.