Changing the gender of you're blockhead


This would be an option in blockheads but wouldn’t be able to be done in the mirror. in order to do this you would need to go into the portal and select “blockhead” which then would bring a screen saying “male” or “female” and would also teleport you’re blockhead into the portal

When you select female it will confirm that if you want to do this and any changes in the mirror will be erased.

When you click yes it will change the gender but it may take 10 seconds to do so.


This could be used to teleport though.


Well, consider this:

Me: Let me see how I look!

walks to door mirror

Me: I look nice, but I think today I should be a girl!

changes to be a girl

Yeah, this clearly wouldn’t make sense. Not even in The Blockheads.


This is not a way to teleport. you need to walk to a portal to do it.


I could easily change the gender of any of my five blockheads!

Kill one off, and bring it back with a different gender, name and appearance. I have the food and tc to do it.

@I544C I seem to be harsh don’t I?

@Santeeisweird9_real well, I changed the gender of one of my blockheads on a server. But yeah, changing genders should not be an easily accessible thing, especially if you do it without some kind of cost.

That would be weird to look in a mirror and ‘change genders’


It said it would teleport you to the portal though. Or did it mean if you were by the portal it would like suck you in. And yes @ElTaPa just a bit brutal. :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No one in my world has been killed off by me. The world you have been getting supplies from.

Maybe some died a couple times but not because I intentionally did it.

One died by scorpions, a couple by sharks and another by fall damage. Another came close to drowning.


I think customizing your blockhead’s skin and hair color via a piece of tinfoil stuck to a wooden wall is already enough. What’s next? The ability to become other animals? The ability to become plants? The ability to become black holes?


That’s brutal!


Gender change potions


Appearance change potion. You can mess up another players appearance!


That sounds like a great idea, but it wouldn’t make sense even if it is a game.

But if you are creating a make Blockhead I noticed that you can’t really have any long hair, yet when making a female you can have most boy cuts.
So instead of the ‘gender change’ option you could just change your male blockhead to where he has longer hair? That would make more sense because hair does grow. Plus women can change their hair short like a male…? This would kinda be like changing gender…? Just put some linen clothes on them and you won’t be able to tell the difference since all females are flat-chested XD


calm down boy this is the forums XD


Hahaha I forgot about da kiddos sorry bout dat


maybe if it was more difficult to do, like you need a diamond/some gems to do it and you have to manually walk up to the original spawn portal to do so.


When making your blockheads, choosing your gender has the lowest chance of messing up. So there is inevitably a responsibility line.


big breasted male