Changing The Industrial Age Wishlist

Everything is powered by the tanks. You can make them as big as you want by placing them next to each other. You have to put some water by selecting the tank and putting water buckets in the empty slot, which will then turn into empty buckets. Three water buckets equals one tank. Place boiler blocks, solar panels, or geothermal generators, then link them up to the tank using heat pipes. The more of those you have, the faster the water boils and produces energy. Finally, place a steam turbine somewhere, then you can link it to benches using wires.

Previously, you just smelted ingots straight from ore, but now it’s different. First, you have to place down foundries, which work like water tanks, but they store ore instead of water. Next, place blast furnaces right next to the foundry. Blast furnaces require a lot of energy, but they will quickly smelt all the ore in the foundry. To harvest the metal, you must link up the foundry to a caster chest using heavy heat pipes. The caster chest will automatically turn molten metal into ingots. You can’t place multiple types of ore in one foundry.

Oil will be essential for the Industrial Age. It’s used for every piece of industrial machinery. But you’ll no longer mine it from limestone, or make it out of seeds, because it’s now a liquid. In early game, you can scoop it up using buckets. But in late game, you have to place a pump block, and link it to oil using liquid pipes. Then you have to link the pump block to a tank. You can craft out of oil buckets and oil tanks, but a tank can hold three times more oil. It can also be used to pump water.

The simplest form of transportation is the conveyer blocks. When you walk on one, it makes you walk much faster, but they’re very expensive.

The ski lift only requires cheap ski lift wire, but you have to place ski lift motors here and there. However, you don’t have to power every motor, you just have to power one, and all the motors connected will be powered too. In order to board one, you need to place a ski lift dock. When you power the dock, it’ll power every ski lift motor connected, and it’s where you can board the lift. This vehicle can actually go straight up and down.

The car is basically a rideable donkey, but it goes much faster and runs on coal. It can actually take damage from enemies, but it’s very sturdy, and it can’t be damaged in any other way. You can store items in the trunk, which you can access by tapping on the hand icon while in the car, or getting off to use it. The trunk acts as a safe, not letting anyone but the owner of the car to open it. However, when the car breaks, it’ll drop all the stuff in the car, along with half the car parts.

To clear out areas quickly, you can build a drill cart that costs lots of carbon fiber and even more titanium. It’s controlled using the full joystick instead of screen tilt or the joystick with two keys. It can mine twice as fast as a titanium pickaxe, which means that it can blast through stone, but titanium and carbon fiber blocks will slow it down significantly. The drill cart does have a trunk like the car, but it’s much bigger and will collect any blocks it mines. Like the car, this also has a health meter, but it’s even higher.

In order to place blocks quickly, you can craft some drone chests, some drone docks, and a drone controller. The drone will spawn inside the dock with full health and energy, but it’ll run out, so you have to power the drone dock. If you place drone chests, then drones can access the items inside. When you have the drone controller, you can select “give instructions”. Once you’ve selected this, you can use anything that are inside drone chests you placed to lay out a structure. If you have a block inside a drone chest, you can use the back wall of that block in the back walls section, and you can place blocks mid-air. When you press “build”, the drones will spread out evenly and build the structure. You can link a remote to up to 50 drones, but the remote can’t control more then that.

Placing a tractor dock will make farming much easier. The tractor dock needs to be powered, or else the tractor will stop. Once assigned a plant, the tractor will harvest that plant when it’s mature, and replant it. It doesn’t requires rails, but it can only patrol an area of up to 60 blocks, depending on how far you allow it to go. When you’ve given it instructions, it’ll pace back and forth like a dropbear without a tree, but faster. It has as much health a car.

Two tools are required to harvest fruit. First is the siren block. It’ll go off when there’s a lot of fruit nearby, causing all of the fruit to fall in a 30 block square. But in order to collect the fruit, you have to place a harvest cart dock, which will take any items it drives by. It’s as fast as the tractor, but with less health. Both the siren block and the harvest cart dock need to be powered.

Maybe they should be able to move items too?

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But I don’t think there’s much of a point to moving items around. Besides, you have the chest cart.