Chat glitch iPhone (pic provided)


Is there to stop this happening this happens to me like 3 times a day and it’s really annoying specially when I’m on the pause menu and it happens because then you have to quit the Game and rejoin


This is happening to me too, but I‘ve just got to tap somewhere on the screen multiple times and it disappears :slightly_smiling_face: It‘s only working if I‘m tapping somewhere next to the chat window not on it!
It‘s never happening to me when I‘m on pause menu :no_mouth:


I’ve had something like that happen to me. I found that the best way to solve it is by flipping your screen by turning the phone


That’s happened to me in the past too.


Is this you ?


No we‘re just using the same picture :joy: My IGN is always £Blumenkind£ or Princess_Sarah1 :grin:


Oh okay I really thought it was you I asked her multiple times but she didn’t reply


Haha aww no unfortunately it wasn‘t me, but if we‘ll ever meet I‘ll answer :smile:


Can people experiencing this issue please say which iPhone they’re using, and which version of iOS it’s running?


It occasionally happens to me, iPhone 6 ios 12.0.1


I usually encounter this problem sometimes, it mostly happens to me right when someone says something and I end up clicking the message instead of the spot I was going to click on, then the glitch occurs, so I’m assuming it happens the moment you click on a message that just pop-up.

I’m on the iphone SE

iOS version: 11.4.1

To fix this: I just rotate my iPhone, the chat will go full screen when I rotate it.

I will provide a another example of it when it happens again

EDIT: here is the pic


E  X          P          A          N            D


I’ve seen this across several iOS devices and versions. I’ve noticed it happen when tapping on a chat notification as it is first coming into focus.

  • iPhone 5s 10.0.2
  • iPhone 5s 11.2.2
  • iPad Mini 9.x.x (I don’t have it on me right now)


I‘ve experienced it with my IPhone 5s and my IPad Air both running on 11.1.1 and my Iphone 8 which is running on IOS 12.0.1.


Okay, thanks guys. I thought it might be a specific format issue, but clearly it’s across devices and OS versions.


I don’t experience this on my ipad 2(iOS9.3.5)…
And I don’t remember this happened to my iphone 5 before too(Its still broken and that was before 1.7)


It is I’ve being on iOS 11 and it happens on there I have the iPhone 7 iOS 12 happens on that used to happen on my old iPhone 6 iOS 11.3 happens on my mums phone aswell iPhone 8 iOS 11.4 and pretty sure it used to happen on my dads old phone iPhone 7 not entirely sure what software he was on maybe iOS 10


Seems like it didn’t happen on older devices, iPad Pros and iPhone Xs?


Hm I think it probably can happen to the iPhone X I have the iPad Pro never happened on that but the screen is massive so the chat doesn’t glitch idk


Yeah iPad have huge screens so I think that’s why it didn’t happen to us.