Chat sticks around after leaving a server (1.7.1)


I was going to random servers and entered one I wanted to leave, so I pressed the exit to menu button, and the chat stayed on the screen.

I removed the chat words because it isn’t your business.


This happened to me in 1.6.3 on iOS a handful of times.


I did it disappear soon after you left or did stay on screen?


It stayed onscreen. And yes this has happened before 1.7 to me @Brer-Rabbit


That’s weird!
Btw what is the more games button due and where did it come from?


Its only on android i think, It shows other games by noodlecake.


It’s happened before 1.7.


This happened all the time before and even after 1.7 to me.


Exits world and says something
Everyone gets confused


This also happens in iOS. Added the cross-platform tag to show. Happened pre-1.7 as well and I think 1.5 too. I remember trying to frantically type in it to ghost message :stuck_out_tongue: But the message doesn’t send, anyways. I think it’s the app not closing the chat message fast enough and thus popping it on your client. It does remove after a short amount of time though.

(cL1<ck f0rg3t w0rLd pls)


I have it too,but to closes fairy fast but not immediately.


Why did you want to leave?


Hi there,

This is completely normal and happens all the time. It is when you close the game with the chat bar still up. It glitches and keeps it up thinking your still in the game.

When you try messaging using the chat bar, it automatically disappears. This glitch is completely normal and it’s not anyone hacking you so don’t be stressed.

Hope this helps you.
Aura, xx


I’m not simply leaving because it’s an anime roleplay server. That would be stereotyping. I left because the welcome message (and most likely other areas in the server) contained sexual themes not appropriate for the game.


It occurs for me when I leave as someone sends a message in the chat causing it to stay


Happens to me quite a bit, actually.