Cherry Barn

Ever since the breeding update I have found it hard to have an organized farm for every animal to tame! So I decided to make my own barn that anyone could make :slight_smile:

Only made from common blocks such as wood and marble to give a nice rustic look. As well as paint to spruce it up a bit

The Center of the Barn is for baking, crafting, and cooking. Only the most organic and fresh animals are used for our products for your satisfaction!

Yak and Donkey farm. It’s pretty new so I didn’t have time to get all of them. Still functional though

Silo house, for hardworking farmers to rest up and keep their objects safe.

And lastly, the fake hay bails. This is just for decoration lol

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy my new Cherry barn! If you would like to make this in your own world you can. I don’t mind at all. See you all laters



this super cool! im glad it’s a build other people can do bc when i tried to do breeding… lol it was so bad i had yaks and donkeys all over the place… but this is really cute!! I love the silos where the blockheads can live and the hay bales :blush:

damm that looks really good, reminds me of when admin signs didn’t exist and anyone could just destroy your house lol

Yea when people didn’t greif your house for no reason lol. Luckily this is single player so I don’t have to worry about it

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I love the curvature of your barn!

I always breed my animals by setting up really ugly platforms and organizing them that way/separating them with fences. :sweat_smile: This post makes me ashamed and makes me pity my Blockheads for working in conditions such as theirs.

It also makes me realize I’ve never built a proper barn before. Nice work! I sort of want to build one myself now.

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I literally just put a gate on my donkeys and let them do a free for all lol. If you want to make a barn yourself feel free!

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After a couple of days I finally filled my farm up :slight_smile:


I also got this weird brown/grey unicorn hybrid


That’s just a brown unicorn. But good job breeding! It looks great!


There’s a lot of effort put into this barn, precisely how long did you made this? This is genuinely impressive.

If you mean how long I made the barn? I think 1-2 days (including taking breaks) but getting all the donkeys took a while about 3-4

wow so pretty

if i had the patience to build this stuff i’d probably be an animal tamer, very nice builds, really

I like the rounded hay bales to each side of the barn. Great touch!

Thanks! I thought it looked a bit bland so I added them for some wow-factor

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