Chest with Label


Problem: Which chest is the diamond in? Where should I put the ruby? This is more difficult on long journeys when you carry several chests, especially if you don’t always pick them up in the same order. Keeping them lined up with signs is tricky. I tried painting them, but forgot the colours between sessions.

Also, if you’re carrying more than one chest with tulip bulbs or seeds, it’s easy to mix up the order and ruin the breeding program.

Solution: Chest with Sign.

Cost: 1 chest, 1 sign, 1 wood (or 3 wood)

Appearance: Chest with blank area in front. Room for 2 lines of 5 characters. Yes, we’ll have to abbreviate.

Operation: This chest is one row smaller than a regular chest. The extra space at the bottom of the screen is a button to “Change label”.


I’m all for this idea! Great suggestion!


Yep, the description wasn’t clear.

I don’t know if the cost should be 1 chest, 1 sign, 1 wood, or simply 3 wood. The first method is fiddly, but to me feels more in keeping with the other devices. It’s a bit more than 1 chest and 1 sign because it’s more convenient to use and, in the real world, a bit harder to make.

Oh, and it may as well be paintable. Only the label needs to change colour. Not sure how to handle making it with a chest or sign that’s already painted. Easy way is ignore the colour of the parts used.


I like it! :smiley:


pretty good trade just to know where everything is! but really, i was wondering, are you sure with 3 wood? :sweat_smile:


For the longest time I did a chest in a chest system and limited to carrying a stack of five chests with everything I own in them as I travelled the world, went mining or when sailing.

Now with the new update I have settled down in a large base, chests placed down in categories with signs above or below them. Some are even coloured for easier identification.

If labeled chest became a thing, I would over use it. Save up space making a wall of chests and you fly to open the ones you can climbs to. Since there’s a short label I could make a code system on excel and fully label everything there while the chest have something like a code number or grid coordinates.

This should naturally include labeled safes.


This sounds really cool!


Those of us who spend hours organizing our stuff would love to have something like this! You can get organized right away with labels on chests. This would be a time saver for me.



THis needs to be added. I’m praying it is.


what if we use signs


When I can’t remember what chest I put ore or food.
Blockhead eats tin


Hang a sign over the chest.

Yeah, I know, in Minecraft, you can put a sign on the front of a chest. I think.


Signs take 2 or 3 blocks of space, plus the chest. This is simply one block of space and it looks neater as well


Plus a seperate sign is a problem when you move your chests. The supposed label is so much more convenient.


For the longest time I did a chest in a chest system and limited to carrying a stack of five chests with everything I own in them as I travelled the world, went mining or when sailing.

I’ve gone around a few worlds with five or six chests, usually painted. (And, of course, attempted a few times with not enough chests, and not enough weapons.) Black for blocks, green for growing things, gold for gems and ores (shiny things), not sure what I used for the rest. It was frustrating if I guessed wrong about how to combine categories. Sometimes I needed to divide ores from ingots, which needed a new colour.

I’d like something more flexible and easier to remember before I get seriously into tulips.

My base has a few drop zones. The left chest is always for blocks, then ores and gems, then, well, it varies depending on what the first BH to use it had more of.

I haven’t tried multiplayer, but agree that labeled safes would probably be useful.


I would go for both labeled chests and safes. Anything to help keep the inventory organized.


Omgah this is an OCD DREAM!!!

Seriously though an amazing idea!

I usually take six safes and have established a pattern of where I put what, and in what order I placed them and pick them up.

However, even with all that, they sometimes get out of order.

Keeping my fingers crossed for this one to be implemented. :crossed_fingers:


I love this idea SOOO much!! We need to make Dave aware of this idea right away!


If this became a thing I might be able to make a game out of labelled chests. Some things need sign just are not that pretty to be honest.