Chicken Valley (kinda dead)

Hi i am ChickenTrooper and i made a server and some people helped so now we are searching for people to come and play. Here are some info about the server:


  1. Dont annoy people they are just trying to have fun
  2. Dont burn the houses with signs that show the owner
  3. Build far from spawn so we have space there

Answers for a couple of questions:
Yes every items is allowed including the portal chests jetpacks and other strong stuff,
You can dupe i really dont care,
Killing everyone on the street is okay just not at spawn

What is the server about?:
It is about survival and creative cause we allow portal chests and most of the time a lot of overpowered stuff go out of these and we always like nice buildings too

Yes we have starters wich includes some good stuff to start your base

Updated the: october 14th

I prob can help tbh I’m up like 18 hours a day

What’s the theme of the server?

Ok thanks i have a weird spawn someone started making one but he is gone and didnt returned yet. the theme is unknowed yet i really just started. If you want to help tell me so i can know who to PM the password when the server is closed

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Do u have discord

Yes a discord server from chicken valley exist and has a couple of members. the link for the discord is right here:

My name on discord is ChickenTrooper#0911

We now have a welcome message! :+1: Thanks to Epictigergirl she did all the welcome message! :sparkling_heart:

Can you please update the first post in this thread with the details of your world, such as the rules, the theme, if any, or any play style specifics that people will find useful in deciding whether or not to join.

Oh yeah sure. Its a lot bigger now XD

The server is kinda dead i still go there sometimes and build some stuff now we are more of a blockheads giveaway server. Just ask me if you need something…

the chicken has my tongue because it doesn’t want me to point out the irony of the name ‘Chicken Valley’ in blockheads… damn i just did point it out