Child protection laws & commercial social interfaces


All over the world are child protection laws, which we have to abide by. One of the most important in our case is that we cannot collect and/or store the personal information of people younger than 13. Personal information includes contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, photos, full real names, etc. for this reason Discourse has made their software require all users to certify that they are 13 or older when they sign up.

If a person fraudulently signs up while underage, and we find out that they’re underage, they will be banned. This is not something we decided. It is not negotiable. It is not discrimination. It is law, and failure to adhere to the laws may render us liable for prosecution.


Well said!


I fully understand, and I was never against this. It’s for the protection of these children who don’t yet know better. No offense.


The morals of it are also not up to the discretion of Majic Jungle, Majic Jungle doesn’t set the laws of countries. Just wanted to add this. I understand this for sure, people who are underage and register simply should wait until they are no longer underage.


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Wait, are we all sure it’s against the law, and what about the cloud? Not everybody is aware that it’s possible to report people and servers to Milla.


Totally understand that Milla, but me and some others believe there’s still other underaged people here like cough cough cough *cough(
Maybe they can’t be changed but still, I started to think an IP counts as a personal information right? I think any player who has bad intentions could get a kid’s ip and that could mean something.
I did my thread to help this community slowly dieing.

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Your IP is not personal information. Though it can be viewed as discourteous to publish another person’s IP address.


It really isn’t personal information? :thinking:


I can’t speak for all countries, but it’s not personal information in the US.


You don’t have to be a registered member to read most parts of the Blockheads forums. The only topics that are hidden to non members are off topic and forums games. Non members can still use the forums to find information. They will just need to send all reports and requests to the support email found in the help menu of the game instead of sending a pm.


Reminds me of when my sister and I were little and we had Facebook accounts
We didn’t really use them though, we just played and did things like any other kid


Will they be banned forever, or until they reach the age of 13?


Something I wanted to post in the other thread before it went poof. I still stand by the opinion that children do not belong online. If I had kids they would not be allowed to even have a cell phone until at least grade nine. The World Wide Web is a scary dangerous place, especially for children.

An IP address in isolation is not personal data under the Data Protection Act, according to the Information Commissioner. But an IP address can become personal data when combined with other information or when used to build a profile of an individual, even if that individual’s name is unknown.


Well I mean it can be used to see where someone lives and that could be considered personal…


Opinions vary on this. Some countries’ legislation do not consider the IP adress personal info, others do.


I’d somebody flat out tells us they are below the age of 13 in a post can we flag that so you’ll see it? Or is this something we should just ignore and hope you see it eventually.


The #games category isn’t hidden from non members.


I agree that children shouldn’t get cellphones before grade 9 but the internet is an amazing tool. If children can be taught to use it correctly and to avoid obscene content, then it wouldn’t be as much of a scary and dark place.

I know I’m being hypocritical about the cell phone part but I got mines back in Grade 6 so I could easily contact my parents when I walked to the library.


Edit: I thought IPs is personal info because it shows device location and info.