Child protection laws & commercial social interfaces

That’s what I’m trying to avoid! When it becomes personal information…

Exactly, personal information should be avoided!

Just putting it out there, this isn’t about whether milla thinks people are mature enough either, or what her opinion is. Laws can push you into a corner- even if she doesn’t want to ban those that are underage, she has to.


Well I also considered that, so if they arn’t giving us firefox back then they should ban all underaged players…

That’s the thing. How does milla know if you’re really over 13? She has to trust you until you give her good reason to believe otherwise.


Jeez, dude. Let it go.

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There are some users everyone knows are underaged and they’re not banned.

I’m not that old here, I’m kinda new, so I don’t really know about i and I’m doing research.
@FreewayKiller I would, believe me, but I need to try fixing the problems the community has…

Take it from someone who has been given a half dozen timeouts here for arguing a quality of life viewpoint in this “community”. A point I thought needed made. You’ll get banned from here eventually if you don’t pick your battles. Drop it or you’ll be sorry. Don’t say you weren’t warned. You are arguing against laws not rules.

I, and I believe @OBITOWANKENOBI understand this rule only exists because of the law, but there are other forum members who are under 13 and its well known, but milla is yet to take action against them.

That’s exactly what I was thinking!


Is it? I don’t know of anyone that has explicitly stated that he or she is under 13 and is not banned.

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I think it’s only well known to some people.


Many of them have been redacted, but we all new blocky was too young well before mill banned him.

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Which blocky?

I don’t care if I get banned, look, If I have to be banned to make the rules you said yourself be fair for everyone, and banning everyone underage then I’ll have no doubt to choose getting banned, maybe you just want me gone because you could be in risk?

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I mean, that’s sort of a possibility…

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I think its unfair how our parents get to post pictures of us on social media if we dont want to.
I mean, we have rights too!!!

That’s kinda like a minor thing, generally the ones who see it are known by you irl, or your parents, but there’s also the stalkers…


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