Child protection laws & commercial social interfaces

Your parents are mature enough to be safe on the internet. I’m not saying that everyone under 13 isn’t, but a lot aren’t.

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Although it’s unethical, they can. They’re your legal guardians and have permission to post pictures of you.

I’m not sure why you guys assume I know how old everyone is, but that’s a complete fiction. I don’t know how old anyone is, but if you tell us your age and it’s below 13 you will be banned.


You can’t tell what age they are. You would be flying blind. Only sheer luck could make you accurate.

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I have questions on this:

1- If someone is underaged and they have a blockhead’s forums account will they still be banned even if they did nothing wrong or shared nothing personal?

2- If they have parent permission is that allowed?

3- What if someone from the blockheads wants a rollback or an IGN thing, how are they gonna contact help? The majicjungle email is not very responsive

4- If this wasn’t a “law” Would you still obey it?

5- Fact: The blockhead’s forums is safer than the blockhead’s app

6- If the person was underage when they joined the forums but grew up today will they be still be suspended?

7- You said:

If the person obeys that rule will they still be banned

8- If someone is mentally mature but younger underage will they still be banned

9- If someone has been in the forums for so long and they are a beta tester and they are very trustworthy but they are underage will they be banned?

10- If someone underage joins but they never say they are underage is it possible for them to continue existing? Or does someone ask them?

11- If someone time traveled 10 years into the past and became a child and they are underage but they still have their memories and everything will they be banned?

12- If someone really important like a talented builder or a person that is really good and helpful to the comunity will they be banned?

13- If someone is underage but tomorrow they will not be underage will they be banned for 24 hours?

14- If someone claims that they are 5 years old even though they are really not will they be banned?

You don’t have to answer every question but I would like to know answers :slight_smile: I don’t really support this law very much because it does not make very much sense to me but if my answers get answered maybe I will understand it and then I will shut up asking questions all day :slight_smile:


Exit stage left.

Computers is fine but phone…not so much.

Nice ad,nordVPN xD
(Hope that vid does not trigger those who are anti-vpn :stuck_out_tongue:)

Foil, claiming you are 5 when you really aren’t is still going to get you banned. This forum bans the blabbering of personal information meaning if you tell one bit you risk a suspension.


If you’re under 13, you go. No exceptions I believe.


But I meant if someone claims that they are 5 years old but you know that they are not

??? That makes no sense, I mean clearly Foil isn’t 5. If he is… well, genius level memery of that scale is impossible to anyone of that age and if he really is… honestly the 4th wall has been broken so much that the laws will shift :joy:

Obviously it’s a joke when he claims he is five. He isn’t going to get banned for that :slight_smile:


What if they turn 13 one day after? One day ban?

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If I we’re a moderator and found out they made an account before their birthday in one day I would ban them once they turn 13 and for a week.

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Lol, @Celadon! LegoBoy was talking about this:

? I knew this, I’m not sure what you mean. If someone claims they are 5 years old and they act so, they’re probably going to get banned if its a legitimate claim. If it’s clearly a satirical joke they’re not going to be :slight_smile:

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Well said.