Chopping trees bug


So today I was playing on a survival world and I had just made me an axe so I went to go get wood, and while chopping down a tree (starting at the top and breaking every block) I noticed that every once in a while he would drop down from the block he broke and when he caught back on below himself the next block he was gonna break unselected so I didn’t get the 3 wood from it. This isn’t a big problem but it’s still a bug.

Has anyone else seen bugs like this?


I think i know what you mean but i’m not sure, could you elaborate with screenshots or videos, please?


Join me and I’ll show u


I’m in the middle of taking a nap, so I can’t really join right now… :confused:


Ok. I’ll try to get a screenshot
(Edit): I got it on video but it won’t let me upload it, any ideas how to upload?


Yes. This was something that was noticed during testing.


Upload it on YouTube unlisted then give us the link?


Changed title to something more informative.


I’ve had this before it’s kinda weird


Yeah, I had this bug too.