Christmas In Blockheads

If you celebrate Christmas or something like that in December here are some tips so you can do it in blockheads too!
First start off by getting a tree I would recommend a cherry tree bc since the trees have food coming out it’s kind of weird and the cherries kind of look like missile toes or you can use gem trees those are really good! Then you can add gems to them and add some chests that are painted the Christmas colors and then put gifts for your friends! The other thing I would do is decorate your house with paint! And custom Christmas pictures like lights! I would even decorate your kitchen if you have one and put out cupcakes bc yeah! Once I decorate in blockheads for Christmas I might post a picture of it to give you a better idea of my ideas! If you want I will even do a thanksgiving one!


What about other religions?

I don’t celebrate Christmas

You could put a picture of a menorah on something for Hanukkah

What’s that got to do with it? This is a thread about Christmas. Anyone can post about their religious holidays, and shouldn’t have to deal with “but what about” as a result.