Chrome’s offline dino game, on any browser

Offline dino game
Help the offline dinosaur run around the world.

This should work on any browser.
On ios, click the share icon then add to homescreen to make it a app.
On newer browsers, this works offline.



There’s an app for this. It’s pretty cool. You can play it in your control center.

I know that app, but that dosn’t work on android or pc! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Also, why have only two people played the game? Go on! Have a try!

Also, some photos of the code

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Ah. :joy: I found a trick for iOS device users. When the colors invert just revert them back by triple clicking the home button.

That’s a accessibly shortcut and has to be enabled in settings. But you need to see this quality gameplay i just did, with more than 3000 score first try :stuck_out_tongue:


I have that game from the Windows 10 store on my pc. It’s called T-Rex Run

No insult, but [redacted] and it has adverts :slight_smile: and it dosn’t look as good.

When you realise you beat a AI

That’s some good gameplay!

on chrome you can also do chrome://dino

In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can install it as a PWA. :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial (which applies to all desktop versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) on how to do so.

Regardless, I wanted to revive this topic because the dinosaur now has some competition. :wink:
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Yay I finally learned a useful life hack!
Now I don’t have to keep searching up the forums yay!
But is there a way to keep me logged in?

You can now play the game in the iOS version of Google Chrome without having to go through another method.

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