Chunk glitch in server?


Honestly. I have no idea what to do about this but every time i go near this hole i made (was supposed to be a trash chute to lava) the whole server goes down. I looked at the lava and theres two explored spots and an entire chunk of stone WITH steel lamp lightsources in the middle of it. I managed to teleport away so i didnt cause the server to go down. Not only that, there was ghost TC blocks, which when mined gave nothing and were specifically under the north pole. This hole was mined directly under the north pole. Me and an admin had a build planned here but now its not stable enough to do so. It is generally a new server, and there is not alot of builds on it. (Note: i own this server and pay for most of its days. Nothing sketchy has been going on recently either.) Edit: Server name is Black Fortress
Small update. The admin i was talking about (Candy) Can tap on her first blockhead and it brings her back to the magma area (not her blockhead, just her view) and loads it in, causing the server to crash again…


Question, how near? In the hole, down under the surface or at the surface?

The explored macro block (chunk, the game calls it a macro block. I use both interchangeably) under the lava is used by the game to load macro blocks and then, once they are ready, put them into their regular place in the world.

It’s a rather weird and hacky way of doing things, but usually just shows a part of the world somewhere else that you’ve explored.

I suspect what could be happening is that the game tries to load a block there that includes a blockhead and this isn’t handled correctly.

In your picture, the loaded macro block is part of your chute under the North Pole. I can tell this because of the dug out area to the left, the macro block containing the North Pole starts there and goes right for 32 blocks.


That looks like the magma circle.


Near the surface, in it or generally being close to it. The worst effects happen when just going in it though. Also the area in magma changes depending on where my first blockhead is/ what i have loaded.


The North Pole area continues to act like the Bermuda Triangle of blockheads. It is the area where the world is joined together and has always been problematic. Most of us old timers try to avoid any building anything big at the North Pole after some rather world stopping encounters.


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Try restarting the app and or the server. You can do /stop to restart the server.


As if we hadn’t done that a few times already :’)