Hello everyone! New member to the fourm here, two months ago i started playing the blockheads again and it’s been a fun experience so far! I feel like it would be cool we had some more critters in the game! So here’s a little suggestion of mine!

Chupacabras would be a 2 block tall creature that spawns rarely in the world. In order for them to spawn there must be dodos as it is their food source. They will be a lot more common during the night know as they are in the day.

Chupacabras in apperance, have red skin with quills running down their back. They would look canine like in bodyshape and have red eyes.

Chupacabras have around 25 hp and are skittish towards players but they will dine on both tamed and wild dodos.
In order to tame them you will have to feed about 7 live dodos to them yes they have to be live.

Once tamed their purpose could be to act as a little cave buddy, while you can’t ride them you can tell them to follow you by clickiing on them and they will follow you into a cave. They can also act as a light source using their red eyes to glow through dark passage ways.


As a mexican I can tell you that’s a really good idea!


How do we feed dim dis…


Caged dodos?


I should have put more details of how to tame them, but yes you do use caged dodos.


arent they food?


Good idea :+1:


I like the idea of adding a creature that isn’t real, it’ll give the drop bears some friends xD


Also here is a pic of a chupacabra FYI


Caged dodos i think

Really is this a chucabara or whatever what its so nasty if its a real chucabara then it shouldn’t be added to the game


Are you trolling? It’s like me saying T pose Crocker is a chupacabra.


Well, chupacabras don’t exist, so it could be anything. But no, that’s not how chupacabras look generally.


Btw if anyone wants to know what a actual chupacabra looks like this is one


They’re just wild canines with scabies not that xD

But I would want something like that in game rather than a diseased dog xD


This fits the more orginial description of the chupacabra where it looked a bit more reptilian in nature.


It’s kinda like a Mexican urban legend about… uhh… an animal that kills goats… and sheeps… and more goats…


and unicorns…and dodos…


Oh god a komodo dragon eating de chupacabra.


I don’t think a character from star wars will be added in blockheads.


I don’t think they were ever in Star Wars.