Churro by lizys7


Churro is up and running

Churro is a very good kid friendly server our admins and mods always make the players feel safe. It’s a very colorful server. :slight_smile:

We are currently still fixing up dead building around the world there is plenty of room to build, many sky islands to build on also.

The adminlist has been cleared due to issues with unprofessional admins unfortunately but I am looking for new and great role models :slight_smile:

The rules are very simple
~ no griefing not everyone’s house is protected yet
~ don’t be rude
~no sexual behavior
~please don’t spam the chat it gets annoying to other players
~if you see or hear an admin being disrespectful please report them with a good description and I will take a look at it
~ have fun


Could you please complete that originating post with all the details that players need to decide if they’ll play on your world? This includes theme, rules, and anything else relevant to those interested.


churros are yummy


Ok so I can earn admin back?


Stay active.
Help around.
And be really nice to everyone
Stay positive:)
You’ll get admin if u show all


Yep, it’s called maturity.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, Porky :slight_smile:


Removed off-topic posts. Please stay on-topic. Thanks.


I am back and I’m SORRY