Civilization - Mac Server OPEN NOW!


Civilization - A new real world based, city type of server.

Create a city, join a city, start Wars with other cities, go to jail, and do more stuff!

All you have to do is follow the rules!


  1. Obey all the local laws

  2. No cussing/swearing

  3. No impersonating other people

  4. Follow staff’s words

  5. No hacking

  6. No duping, cheating, using exploits or glitches



Want to discuss the server? Join us on discord:


yay clap clap


Sid meir’s civilization 7 leaked!

I’ll make new Canada. My username is Mr. Bean if you need to contact me in game. It’ll be on the right side.


you know cities aren’t allowed to declare war on each other, based on real life?


Who said it had to be accurate?


The owner himself did


@shadowolf it’s based on the real world, but that’s doesn’t mean it all has to be the real world…
@WooHooGaming13 I saw your build. I can help you if you want, I’m from Canada too!


I am in yu Sevrr (:wink:


Nice. I’m just making parliament. Out of wood. When it burns down I’ll ad peace tower. I just wanted to add some realism to this. I’ll make apartments after parliament is done. You can help if you want.

@mrWalter99 I see you made the border.

I’ll make homes after parliament is done.


I am the richest so far… lol

(You might not be able to see if it was cut off, so click on the image to see it in full screen)


@WooHooGaming13 it not a border border it the border for my home thing



Parliament burnt down. Jeez this is really turning into reality.


Merged double post.


@mrWalter99 and I found gold.


How much? We could trade…


Whew did you see gold?

@TheRabbitKing I also get gold myself


New Canada has fallen the person behind this has hunted @mrWalter99’s farm. A corrupt Catalonian military officer has destroyed new Canada.


@WooHooGaming13 what going on with my fram? And why I get no treees :neutral_face: and was I attended? Like what going on


A corrupt Catalonian military official is doing this.


did what?

@WooHooGaming13 I not know what you saying a what did what?

@TheRabbitKing I was under attack my Fram in you sever is in war!!!