Classic Look


I’ve been playing this game for a long time, back when classic look was the original, and i think the new look looks cheap and has less of the pixel art style that i remember.

Is there any way to change the menus and icons back to the classic textures, i know there is one for the tileset but if im gonna have one thing classic i might as well make the whole thing like it used to.

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Unfortunately, there is no option to change the GUI look.


Yeah, I don’t really like it.


Welcome aboard Brody. In the game, go to Pause>Options. You’ll find a ‘classic look’ toggle:

Simple as that.




Oh. Oops. My bad. Yeah. No way to do that.

I really shouldn’t post first thing in the morning. :roll_eyes:


You’re good. :+1:


Good to know the game is still extremely active, atleast in the forums.

In the past i used outside sources to get older versions of the game that still had the old gui, maybe someone could port those menus into the newer versions?

All they would have to change is the character creation menu (since now you have customization [i kinda miss hitting “Randomize” till i got what i wanted]) and any of the new menus.


The ‘Randomize’ button still exists.

(Wont let me upload a photo if it)

Edit: trying to get a picture again
There we go


I don’t lol, but I don’t particularly like the new colors for skins and stuff.


I know there is alot of sites out there that have the previous versions on them (with gui attached), how hard do you think it would be to port those menus over (to the new version)?


I remember that I bought the new look, back when you could, and after a long break from blockheads, it had been changed to being free.
That day I cried alone in my room.