Cleaning up glitches (such as after griefers)


Unfortunately elevator motors are the one thing that no one to my knowledge has figured out how to remove yet :frowning:

All I can say is cover it up…


Darn. Thats a shame.

@Bibliophile what about this portal?

I cant do anything with it. Even open the menu.


Did you try placing blocks under it and a bed on those so that the foot of the bed crosses the portal? otherwise if the door trick doesn’t work, then it may be stuck.

Today I just happened upon a chandelier on Skylands Arena that just won’t budge either. I’ve tried everything I can think of.


How do you cover the motor? I have one that I’d really like covered up to improve the appearance.


By some black majic, I managed to remove Jem’s chandelier. It was more an extension of elevator/door than anything else.
:ninja: =bottom of elevator/door combo; shaft is underneath when door is removed
:glasses: = top of the door combo, no shaft underneath

:ninja: (the top of the chandelier goes here)
Break the bottommost block and the chandelier will pop out (hopefully).

I did not add this to the spoiler, as spoilers on this new interface confuse me. Could some technologically gifted person do that for me?


thank you for posting these solutions :slight_smile:


Nick saved the day. I wonder if this would work on elevator motors.

Mummy you don’t really want to cover them up because it makes them permanent and also nonfunctional. But if you should happen to get one “stuck”, then a normal block can just be placed over them. They are glitched into being unplaceable.


Ok. I’d seen one covered up on SGZ Kids but couldn’t replicate it.


I wonder if the title of this thread should be something to the effect of “cleaning up glitches.”

When I tried to find a method to clean up something, I saw the title of this thread and didn’t think the solution would be in here, because I hadn’t been griefed.

Just saying.


Sounds like a good idea to me. :slight_smile:


My server is really messed up. There are two unbreakable blocks at my server’s spawn I can’t get rid of. I tried multiple different methods to get rid of them but none of them worked. Plus, there’s these two invisible doors I can’t get rid of either. Please help.


What is your server name? I can join and see if I am able to fix them.


It’s PVP Survival. I wasn’t able to fix them. I think I just made it worse.


@iiryan, I see what is being sold on your server (from the server message itself) and I am not helping you any further.


I was able to fix the doors that were left my Jemni’s attempts, and I am done as well for the same reasons in addition to the vile language that some players were using with a mere “language” comment from your admins.

Edit: Also due to your policies on selling of a certain hacked safe I have also disabled your server on


If your server has a corrupted elevator shaft you can’t fix it tho. :wink:


Possibly, I can’t say I’ve ever run across one. I would like to take a look if you have one I can play with though.

(Would need admin powers since otherwise I wouldn’t be able to remove it normally anyhow)


its not possible. it doesnt even count as a block, u can place more shafts on it. its just corrupted. if u want, i can put some in ur server


Here is a video that might be helpful. I didn’t know where to put this in the wiki post, so I’ll just post it here. All credits go to itzAydoh.


That’s why there is VPN.