Cleaning up glitches (such as after griefers)


When you zoom out do you see vegetation? (green square)


how about trying to surround it with wood and burn it all again?

Can you put columns on that spot? Can you put a bed on the square next to it so that it overlaps that square?

If all else fails, bury it. :smiley:


You can try a combination of things too.

If nothing we have said above worked (except bury it), you could try this metod. Iput a door under a glitched spot once, then put a block next to the glitched spot, and put a sign on the block.


Yeah, I’ve had to do that before. That’s a good thing to try.


We have tried all those methods on the spot none have worked. A column will not go in that spot. We may just leave it for the 1.7 promised tool. Hopefully that will work!


Can the glitched space be flooded with water.
Likeake a little tank and put water at the top and see if the water floats on top of the invisible block thing.


Something else that I’ve had to try before (I don’t think it’s on this topic) is to place four flywheels around the glitched space (one on each side).


This might not work but have you tried putting a block and sign next to it without the door? That works for invincible blocks and such so it might work in this case.


Oh, going with the water idea. Try filling the square with water and freezing it. Then try the sign covering it and then see if you can break the ice.


The sign won’t place over the ice. When placed on a block beside the glitched area the sign will not move to cover part of the glitched block. It is like something is preventing the sign from entering that square. I was able to place an elevator shaft over the glitched spot and and door over the elevator shaft using the full inventory trick. It did not have any effect on the glitched block. I also tried your idea @bilingual. The flywheels didn’t have any effect on the glitched area.


Once you remove a block.
Will the block actually drop?
If yes then it’s a relief


Glitched blocks just disappear and do not drop anything when you remove them.


Slight amendment ^

When you use it on a block the block will be removed (except natural blocks). It will not drop.

When you use it on a placed item (e.g. a shelf) the item will pop off the wall.


Are we talking about the /repair tool now? The door trick was patched in 1.7.


I deleted all, nevermind. That’s why bibliophile changed this thread because of door trick doesn’t exist anymore. Why Dave didn’t announce he will change the trick door to [/repair] mode command :sweat_smile:or he did? I just didn’t see…


Oh yes, that’s the other problem in the single player world we cannot use repair mode command :frowning: so what can we do if we saw a glitched tree? Since trick door doesn’t exist anymore.


Start crafting ladders.


Yeah just wished you could do this in offline worlds!


Do you mean the branches floating in the sky? Those can be burned or chopped, can’t they?
And green squares seen by zooming out should still be fixable with columns.