Closing down The Blockheads cloud servers

Unfortunately the time has come to shut down the cloud servers that host multiplayer games for The Blockheads.

There are a number of factors behind this decision, and I haven’t made it lightly. With the low player numbers, it hasn’t been feasible to adequately maintain the cloud servers for some time now. Without this maintenance, the experience has been degrading and will only continue to get worse. Fixing the cloud properly would require a complete rewrite of the game, which isn’t feasible at this point either. So I have made the difficult decision to close it down, rather than wait for it to fall apart completely.

There are no plans to remove The Blockheads from the App Store. Lot’s of people still play in single player, and this will continue to work for some time yet, as well as the currently available ability to host multiplayer games on your Mac.

The cloud shutdown will take some time. Initially, within the next few weeks, you will no longer be able to create new cloud based “online” worlds. A number of weeks after that, you will not be able to add credit to existing online worlds. Then a few months later, after all of the worlds no longer have any credit left, the cloud will be shut down entirely. More details on timing/dates will be available here soon.

You will have the opportunity to download your cloud worlds. I can’t promise at this point that you will be able to play these worlds in single player, but you will be able to host them on a Mac. As soon as I know the details about how you will request and download your cloud worlds, I will post more information here.

I do want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey over the past decade. It’s been wonderful seeing all the amazing worlds that have been created in The Blockheads over the years, as well as the many communities and relationships that have formed in multiplayer worlds. It has been my privilege to provide this service to you, and I hope you have enjoyed your time in the Blockheads cloud.

Thank you,